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Mr. O'Malley's Cottage

I would give O'Malley's Cottage a five star rating. Ron was able to draw me into the lives of his characters and made me care about them. I especially felt drawn to the relationship between O'Malley and Emma. This novel had a bit of everything I enjoy when reading - a bit of romance , a bit of mystery, some intrigue and a few things I wasn't expecting to happen. I couldn't read fast enough to get to the end but was sorry when there was no more to read and wished I had savored the story more. Having my own copy of the novel means I definitely will revisit O'Malley's Cottage sometime!


I really enjoyed this book Ron. I recommend whole heartedly!

-Pam S.

I really enjoyed this book and have reread it several times. Well done.

-Roberta L.

The Crime on Spithandle Lane

Last summer I bought a blue BBQ from you and to generously have me a copy of "The crime on Spithandle lane". Excellent read! We both devoured it. Looking forward to more of your books.

- David

Spithandle lane…. I loved this book, very easy to read and I couldn’t put it down! Having grown up in the area that the book is set I picture it as I drive down the country lanes that feature in the book. It is so descriptive that it’s easy to put yourself inside the book as it unfolds.

- Rebecca B.

I was the lucky winner of this book and have to say I was excited to dive into it. It is a novel based on a character Harry who’s in pain at the loss of his loved one. You experience the hurt and sorrow Harry feels through the author’s expressive writing. Harry tumbles into a mystery with his two loyal companions which keeps you in suspense and reading on, in this alarming twist, wondering what are the occupants of this red pickup truck up to, and how is Harry going to react to this, what is going to happen to all of them?

Ron Crouch the author paints a picture of the scenery with such description you feel as if you are alongside the characters within this story. I was captivated within the first few pages. I wanted to live in the Rose Cottage, in a beautiful natural country side setting. His setting description is amazing and continues as the plot thickens.

I love that Ron is a local author and having said that I knew this was a must read as I personally know him from previous employment and I knew that experience would make a better book.

It you are thinking about this book, I highly recommend you grab a copy, curl up on the couch and dig in. You will love the journey you embark on and won’t be disappointed.

--A fan T. Rose

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